MiniMizer Gastric Ring

The MiniMizer Gastric Ring is a certified surgical implant. It is made of medical grade silicone. The human body does not respond to the presence of the ring around the stomach.

Your procedure with a MiniMizer Gastric Ring

The procedure you choose will be effective for the first years. Even without a life style change after the procedure you will lose weight. But then the real struggle begins, weight can return back and weight regain will occur.

The MiniMizer Gastric Ring will assist you in the challenging times, providing so called “passive restriction” it will assist you in maintaining weight loss. When you eat too much and too fast the MiniMizer Gastric Ring will provide restriction and will give you a sense of satiety. When you do not listen to these signs, you might regurgitate or vomit. This could seem as a negative experience, but in fact it is the MiniMizer telling you to adhere to the lifestyle changes needed after Bariatric Surgery.

So, before you contact your physician, first reflect and see if you can control your eating behavior better.


Placement of the MiniMizer Gastric Ring

During your procedure the surgeon places the MiniMizer Gastric Ring on the newly created smaller stomach (*). The ring is secured with a few stitches so that it cannot slide.

Results after placement of the MiniMizer Ring

The addition of the MiniMizer Gastric Ring will give you better short and long-term results.

On average around 20% more excess weight loss than with a standard gastric bypass can be expected in the first year after surgery. In 5 years, scientific studies, show that people with a banded gastric bypass have 25% excess weight loss more compared to a standard gastric bypass.

As well the banded gastric bypass is better at keeping the weight off for a longer period of time. Studies show that half of the people with a standard gastric bypass will regain weight within a period of 5 years after the surgery. With the banded gastric bypass only 25% will regain weight within 5 years after surgery. A big benefit is that they will regain a lot less weight compared to with a standard gastric bypass. 

What are the possible side effects of a MiniMizer Gastric Ring?

  • A possible side effect of the MiniMizer Gastric Ring is that you will vomit. This may occur shortly after the operation because the stomach can be somewhat swollen. This can narrow the passage in the stomach. The swelling will disappear in the days after surgery.
    Do you still (occasionally) vomit? Then don’t worry right away. It may also be related to the MiniMizer Gastric Ring. It slows down the passage of your food. It is very important to adjust your eating behavior and diet to this. Take small bites, chew well and take breaks between bites. If you do not do this, you could vomit.
    Does the vomiting persist despite adjusting your eating behavior or diet? Then it is possible to loosen or even remove the MiniMizer Gastric Ring. This does require surgery.
  • Tijdens de operatie kan er ongemerkt een klein gaatje in de maag komen.
    Als dat pas na de operatie opgemerkt wordt, is een heroperatie of een
    gastroscopie nodig. Dit is een zeer zeldzame complicatie.
  • In addition, an extremely rare complication can occur, namely erosion. In erosion, the MiniMizer Gastric Ring grows through the stomach through friction on the stomach wall. With complete erosion, the ring even ends up in the stomach. You often don’t notice this has happened. You could notice that you can eat more and bigger portions. In case of erosion, the gastroenterologist will remove the MiniMizer Gastric Ring by means of a gastroscopy.