The Pinky Trigger is a unique reusable 5mm laparoscopic instrument, which, next to being a gastric band introducer, can be used as a bilateral dissector.

The Goldfinger™ taken to the next level

Its initial purpose is similar to that of the Goldfinger™, which is to introduce a gastric band behind the stomach (see video 1).

Different to the Goldfinger™, the Pinky Trigger is a dynamic device, which allows for back and forth movement of the tip by pulling the lower handle at the hand piece (see video 2). The patented technology used in the Pinky Trigger, makes it a direct extension of the surgeon’s finger and therewith a gentle, yet firm blunt dissector.

Fixation can be done at any level of the 130° curvature.

Due to its direct drive technology it gives immediate tactile feedback regarding the level of resistance the tissue gives to the Pinky, therewith avoiding inadvertent dissection.

Another big difference with the classical Goldfinger™ is that the Pinky Trigger can be operated with a single hand.

Last, but not least, the Pinky Trigger can be disinfected and sterilised according to various international standards. An extensive validation report of the disinfection and sterilisation process is available.

Video 1: Gastric banding with the use of the Pinky Trigger (Mr. Paul Super)

Video 2: Mini Bypass – Mobilisation with PinkyTrigger (Prof. Dr. Karcz)

Summarizing the Pinky Trigger benefits:

  • Single hand operation
  • Active dissection
  • Fixation possible at any level of the 130° curvature
  • Tactile feedback at any level of the 130° curvature
  • Validated cleaning and sterilisation process

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Repair facility available and one year guarantee.


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