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Workshop: Banded Procedures in Bariatric Surgery

Indications, techniques and clinical results
Advanced Training Course
26-27 May 2020, Freiburg (Germany)

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DGAV OP-Workshop

Indications, techniques and clinical results
Advanced Training Course
26-27 May 2020, Freiburg (Germany)

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Mini-Symposium in Vienna

Exclusive Mini-Symposium in Vienna on revision strategies for failed gastric bypass surgery. Bonus presentation on initial 3-year’s results of RCT comparing primary banded vs. non-banded gastric bypass. Speaker is Prof. Dr. Hazebroek from the Rijnstate Hospital in Arnhem (NL). Host is Univ. Prof. Dr. Prager from the MediUni Vienna (A)

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MiniMizer Ring comes to Latin America

It was a great pleasure to come to Chile and perform the first Banded Gastric Bypass procedures done with the Minimizer Gastric Ring in Latin America with Dr Juan Eduardo Contreras Paraguez and his great OR team. Together with Dr Luc Lemmens these surgeries went great and the patients are back on their weight loss journey.


Banded Gastric Bypass & Banded Sleeve • August 31, 2017 • 12.45-13.45 • Windsor Room, 5th floor

At the IFSO Congress in August in Vienna a special session was dedicated to presentations on banded gastric bypass and banded sleeve gastrectomy.

Various speakers from all over the world shared their experience with these procedures with ample time to ask questions and discuss.

Report about the symposium:

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Prof. Fobi/USA, Dr. Prager/Austria and Dr. Dillemans/Belgium

The program:

  • Dr. Luc Lemmens/St. Niklaas/Belgium: 5 year follow up of 1.000 banded bypass operations
  • Dr. Phil Schauer/Cleveland/USA: cohort study of banded gastric bypass superior for superobese patients/3 years follow up
  • Dr. Jody Valk/Antwerp/Belgium: banding the bypass in revision surgery/3 years follow up in 100 operations
  • Prof. Buchwald/USA: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Medium-Term Outcomes After Banded Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass
  • Dr. Avinoah/Israel: Laparoscopic Proximal Banding after Failed Gastric Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy a historical Cohort Study
  • Dr. Chamani/India: 2 Years Experience of Laparoscopic Banded Sleeve Gastrectomy using GaBP Ring
  • Dr. Lantszberg/Israel: Band to Sleeve and Sleeve to Band – Salvage Operations

    Banded Procedures Chapter at IFSO Vienna


    Univ.-Doz. Dr. Gerhard Prager, Austria


    Dr. Philip Schauer, USA

    Presentations by:

    Dr. Muffatal Lakdawala, India
    Dr. Luc Lemmens, Belgium
    Prof. Dr. Jan Willem Greve, Netherlands
    Dr. Philip Schauer, USA
    Dr. Harsha Chandraratna, Australia
    Dr. Jodok Fink, Germany

    More information about the IFSO:

    The program:

    • “Introduction to Banded Gastric Bypass, the basic principles and results, including personal experience with more than 500 cases” Lakdawala, Mumbai
    • 5 year follow up Banded vs. Non-Banded Bypass: Banded Gastric Bypass: Better Long-Term Results? A Cohort Study with Minimum 5-Year Follow-Up. Lemmens, St.Niklaas
    • Banding the bypass, early results comparing patients in a standardized treatment program Greve, Heerlen
    • Discussion
    • Introduction to Banded Sleeve Gastrectomy, the basic principles and results: Schauer, Cleveland
    • “Banded Sleeve Gastrectomy – An Australian experience with over 1000 MiniMizer Rings” Chandratna, Perth
    • Banding the Sleeve Improves Weight Loss in Midterm Follow-up Fink, Freiburg
    • Discussion
    • Conclusion by Chairman Prager, Vienna

    RCT Primary Banded Gastric Bypass starts in Arnhem/the Netherlands

    In March 2015 Dr. Berends et al. received approval from the Medical Ethics Committee to start a prospective randomized controlled trial, comparing 75 patients with primary banded gastric bypass to 75 patients with primary non-banded gastric bypass.

    For 3 years both groups will be followed up intensively and various critical parameters (EWL, resolutions of co-morbidities, complications, etc.)will be monitored.

    RCT Primary Banded Sleeve Gastrectomy starts in Freiburg/Germany

    In February 2015 Dr. Fink et al from the University Hospital in Freiburg started a prospective randomized controlled trial comparing 70 patients with primary banded sleeve gastrectomy to 70 patients with primary non-banded sleeve gastrectomy. Follow up period will be 3 years.

    In an initial study with 25 patients it was noted that the tight placement of the rings with a diameter of 6.0cm induced too high a level of erosion and migration. The width of the rings in the new study will be 7,5cm to avoid this issue.

    MiniMizer Gastric Ring

    In banded gastric bypass and banded gastric sleeve a non-adjustable gastric ring should be used which should be easy to place. more

    Minimizer Extra Gastric Band

    The MiniMizer Extra gastric band has two closing positions and loops on the side, which allow for direct fixation, avoiding the use of a gastro-gastric plication. more


    Banded Gastric Bypass, Banded Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Banding. more