Complications of obesity

Obesity is a burden if you have it, many other illnesses are related to obesity. Making a decision to have weight loss surgery done is not an easy choice. Selecting the best operation for you is important as it is a life-long path in which the operation will assist you to achieve your goals.

Bariatric Surgery is a last resort, once you take the decision to have surgery done for weight loss there are a few things you need to consider.

  • Bariatric Surgery is a helping hand to lose weight.
  • In the first years the operation does 80% and your input is 20%.
  • After approximately 1 year the operation does 20% and 80% needs to come from your lifestyle change.

In Bariatric Surgery there are many options to choose. Most of the times your surgeon will discuss and choose with you which procedure fits you best.

Important for you is to focus on the short-term weight loss, but even more important is to focus on the long-term effect of the procedure. What is the weight regain after some years for each procedure and how can you prevent this from happening.

At Bariatric Solutions International we strive for the best results for you. By adding the MiniMizer Gastric Ring to your chosen bariatric procedure you can achieve better short and long-term results.

Product Solutions for Bariatric Surgery:

MiniMizer Gastric Ring

MiniMizer Extra Gastric Band