Gastric Calibration tubes come in various sorts and sizes: ranging from plain blunt suction cannula to sophisticated tubes with lighting and stomach stretching wires or balloons.


The TUBE however is the Gastric Calibration Tube
that fits all your needs:

The TUBE is made of medical grade silicone, which does not become weak and floppy after being exposed to body temperature, unlike regular PVC tubes. Floppy tubes are difficult to guide into a certain direction and tend to kink easily.

The TUBE has a soft tip, mixed with barium sulphate, making it visible on X-ray. The tip has a suction hole in it as well, to avoid creation of a vacuum between the tube and the stomach wall, hence with avoiding damage to the stomach while pulling the tube out after the leak test.

It has 6 small holes for suction and aspiration, avoiding kinking of the tube because of holes being too large. Large holes also have a tendency to have stomach tissue sucked into the hole when aspirated, leading to internal bleedings of the stomach and vacuum formation (see fig. 1).

There is a clip at the end of the tube which allows the anaesthesist to close the tube with the same hand with which he/she holds the end of the tube after he/she has injected the first syringe of methylene blue. This helps preventing unintentional leakage of methylene blue.

The tube has cm markings allowing the surgeon to instruct the anaesthesist precisely as to how much to advance or pull back the tube (see fig. 2).

There is a special Universal Connector which allows for easy placement of various types of syringes and also suction tubes from the central OR suction facility. A fingertip vacuum control device is included in the package to allow for controlled suction through the central OR suction facility (see fig. 3).

The tube is specifically listed for use as a calibration device for sleeve gastrectomy and (mini) bypass, is available in 32, 34, 36, 38 and 40Fr and is colour coded (see fig. 2).

The TUBE will therefor bring you to Pylorus station without any problems. Just mind the gap between the platform and the station.

Fig. 1: 6 small holes for suction and aspiration

Fig. 2: cm markings from 30 to 90 cm

Fig. 3: Universal suction connector


  • Soft conical tip
  • Hole in tip
  • 6 small suction holes
  • CM-marking
  • Universal Connector
  • Fingertip Vacuum Control
  • Closing Clip


  • no damage to esophagus
  • avoids damage to stomach through vacuum formation
  • avoids sucking mucosa in the tube during leak test
  • exact positioning of tube
  • tube fits to various Luer syringes and suction tubes
  • controlled use of central OR suction facility
  • avoids unintentional leakage of methylene blue


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